Over Income Lease To Own

Over Income Lease to Own Program Purpose

The Over-Income Lease to Own Program has been designed to provide a homeownership opportunity for individuals or families that are truly committed to owning a home and meeting homeownership responsibilities. This program may be used for the purchase, acquisition, new construction, or modernization of existing homes owned by the Absentee Shawnee Housing Authority. The TDHE will be utilizing its program income as the source of funds to administer the program.


  • Declaration of Section 214 Status Form (For Each Household Member)
  • No Income Affidavit (Applies to All Without Income in the Household)
  • Driver's License &/or Stated ID for all household members of the age of 18
  • CDIB &/or Tribal Enrollment Cards (for ALL Native American household members)
  • Social Security Cards (all household members)
  • Marriage License/Divorce Decree/Custody Decree (if applicable)
  • Award Letters for Income (Social Security, SSI, Disability, Unemployment Benefits and Workman's Comp, etc...) if applicable
  • Federal Tax Returns filed for the previous and current year (if filed)
  • Any other documentation requested by the Absentee Shawnee Housing Authority






1 $54,768
2 $62,592
3 $70,416
4 $78,240
5 $84,499
6 $90,758
7 $97,018
8 $103,277

Applicants MUST meet the above income guidelines

Staff Contact Information

Ashley Smith

Programs & Admission Occupancy Specialist

Phone: +1 (405) 273-1050 ext. 202
Direct Phone: +1 (405) 617-0473
[email protected]

Karen Fullbright

Programs & Admission Occupancy Specialist

Phone: +1 (405) 273-1050 ext. 208
Direct Phone: +1 (405) 617-0476
[email protected]

Bessie Gonzales

Recertification Specialist

Phone: +1 (405) 273-1050 ext. 217
Direct Phone: +1 (405) 617-0484
[email protected]