Tiny Home Lease Purchase Program

Providing You With an Alternative Path to Homeownership

The Tiny Home Lease Purchase Program is to provide a homeownership opportunity to Native American families who are committed to owning a home and meeting ownership responsibilities. THE PROGRAM IS FOR NEW CONSTRUCTION ON PRIVATELY OWNED LAND.




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Eligibility Criteria

  • Must have proof of ownership to the property where the tiny home will be located
  • Applicant must use the property as their primary residence
  • Applicant cannot have unpaid debt owed to ASHA or Tribe
  • Must have proof that they are members of a federally recognized tribe
  • Must have a maximum of 4 people in household
  • Must meet minimum income requirements
  • Have not conveyed or paid off in any ASHA Homeownership Program

Program Procedures

  • Application Screen: All information and statements submitted with the application will be screened to determine eligibility. (1) Income (2) Credit and Criminal Background (3) Prior Landlords five (5) years
  • Any conflict of interest must be signed internally and publicly disclosed according to policy
  • Waiting List: Once applicant meets eligibility an approval request will be submitted and signed by the Executive Director. Once approved the applicant will be placed on the waiting list. Preference points should be awarded according to policy.
  • During each program cycle/fiscal year ASHA will determine by budget. Applicants who are to be served the program year, must attend a Homeownership Counseling prior to any construction on the home site
  • Site Inspection: The applicant will be notified by letter to schedule a site visit with the inspector to determine the home site meets eligibility requirements. If the applicant does not meet the requirements during the inspection, the project management supervisor will notify the applicant in writing describing what is needed on the property in order for ASHA to proceed. The applicants file will stay on the waiting list and note "pending" until the home site is ready. ASHA will proceed to the next person on the waiting list. If the home site is determined eligible to proceed, the inspection report will be submitted to Procurement & Contracting, so the process can begin on bidding the project.
  • As soon as the occupancy permit is received, ASHA will set up the move-in and perform any final walk throughs for Maintenance

Home Site Requirements

  • Applicant is responsible to have all connections to water, sewer, electric, home heating and utility service. ASHA will not furnish or improve these connections.
  • The home site must not have zoning restrictions, covenants or other regulations that prohibit the installation of a tiny home within the designated area
  • Before any construction can commence, the home site must be clear and level, suitable for the installation of the tiny home. ASHA will not be responsible to demolish existing structures or clear lots for the program
  • Must pass environmental inspection
  • Only at the discretion of ASHA will any handicap accessibility ramps or modifications be done on the dwelling or site. Funding will be a deciding factor.

Staff Contact Information

Ashley Smith

Programs & Admission Occupancy Specialist

Phone: +1 (405) 273-1050 ext. 202
Direct Phone: +1 (405) 617-0473
[email protected]

Karen Fullbright

Programs & Admission Occupancy Specialist

Phone: +1 (405) 273-1050 ext. 208
Direct Phone: +1 (405) 617-0476
[email protected]

Bessie Gonzales

Recertification Specialist

Phone: +1 (405) 273-1050 ext. 217
Direct Phone: +1 (405) 617-0484
[email protected]